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5 Tips to Help Allergy Sufferers

January 10th, 2022

Are you too irritated because you can’t do normal activities without your allergies acting up? Do you wonder “why oh why” you had to get allergies?

As humans, we are definitely not immortal and immune to diseases. Unfortunately, besides the vast amount of diseases we could possibly suffer, now we have daily forms of distress such as allergies. Just great, isn’t it? These damaging immune responses by the body to a substance, especially pollen, fur, a particular food, or dust happens because the body has become hypersensitive. Well, that just sucks. The good news here is that although these allergies can drive us to brink, they are all pretty manageable regardless. You may feel like it’s affecting your ability to function but there are many reliable resources to help you through these times of difficulty (such as this one ha-ha).


I’m being downright serious. Although some of you may know what reaction you have after your allergy occurs and what medication is needed, but it may be more helpful to you and the people around you to know what triggers the reaction in the first place. Some may just generalize their allergies as colds and rashes meanwhile theirs may be more specific. Like if possible go look it up. Technology is everywhere. Find out the causes, possible allergens, where these allergens will most likely be found in an everyday setting, etc. Knowing these allergens will help one in avoiding them as much as possible.


As annoying as I and millions of other people find it, exercising (especially this) and relaxing can actually help boost circulation and lung function. An exercise like yoga will be immensely helpful in deep breathing exercises especially for asthma sufferers. (The Weather Channel). Staying in well ventilated areas may also soothe initial symptoms of a reaction.


What you eat can go a long way in affecting your health. READ ALL LABELS OF THE FOOD YOU EAT. Never fail to make that mistake. I’m serious. It can get tedious, as I would think, to count the calories and check labels, but it’ll be good for you in the end. Some would suggest unprocessed food (which I personally think may be hard to find in the United States) and different types of diets. (Cochran) As for nutrition, everyone is different so it’s all about finding what fits you, not your friend!


Even though some may take this as you are giving excuses, but I personally think that informing loved ones and others around can help you psychologically. There are still some good people out there that may be able to help with psychological assistance in dealing with the situation such as how to deal with the stressful issues your allergies can place you in.


If you still don’t consider anything else in this article, the least anyone can do is talk to a doctor, especially a well-trained allergist / immunologist, to discuss other possible treatment options if the allergies are becoming unbearable. There are many useful online links too such as the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology website. (Allergic Reactions: Tips to remember)

There are millions of other people suffering from allergies all the time, you’re not alone. So positively motivate yourself that you’re going to get through this time of difficulty. Have a nice day!